Basic Foundations and Movement is a class for those who generally have health issues such as weakness, poor balance, lack flexibility, general back/neck/hip pain and are looking for a place to start.  Emphasis is placed on the foundation exercises and this class is at a slower pace.  Attention to detail is key so that proper movement is learned and the client is using the correct muscle groups to execute the exercise.  In this class there are many exercises of flexibility so joints move with greater ease and tight areas of the body begin to subside.  



Beginner/Intermediate also uses the foundation exercises but here we begin to use progressions.  This class is at a general pace and is great for those who do not have serious health issues.   It is greatly suited for those who need to strengthen and get into better shape. This is also the perfect class for anyone who suffers mild – moderate neck/back or joint pain.   During this class there is hands on instruction, explanation of movement and you will begin to notice changes in your posture, strength and flexibility.  You will be taught to properly engage your core muscles, put your body in proper alignment and before you know it you are moving with greater ease and have gained flexibility.



Intermediate/Advanced is for women or men who are currently active or possess some form of strength. This class tends to require more strength in order to perform the exercises such as pike, plank and those which require weight bearing. You will work your body globally in different positions and we will hold positions longer than the other classes. There is more emphasis put on the abdominals and we use many exercises to enhance flexibility.  This class moves with flow as we change position and expand the foundations to the advanced stages. 



Pilates Stretch is a therapeutic class designed for both men and women who want to increase their joint flexibility.  This type of stretching targets the deep connective tissues of the body including fascia with a focus being joint release(hips, pelvis, spine).  The majority of postures are performed on the floor and maintained with gentle, rhythmical motion for 1 to 5 minutes.  There is a major emphasis on proper positioning and alignment.  This class also includes Pilates foundation exercises to educate the joint how to move properly.  This is a very hands-on class.



Men’s Pilates is a class for men who are seeking to gain core strength and increased flexibility. It is well suited for those who want to improve their athletic performance or for those recovering from injury. A typical men’s class incorporates the Pilates foundation exercises and are progressed to the advanced classical exercises found at the Intermediate/Advanced level.  Modifications for those who lack strength and/or flexibility are always offered.



Advanced Pilates

This class is designed for anyone wishing to take their fitness training further.  This course will help athletes, dancers, skaters and, gymnasts develop improved core strength and control, promote proper posture and alignment and will help advance their overall flexibility and range of motion to the next level.safely and effectively.


Mom and Baby Pilates


Calling all new mommies! 


This class is for all the super moms out there. Gently recover from your pregnancy as you strengthen your pelvic floor and tone your amazing body. Who needs a babysitter? No one ! Meet other new moms and their babies during your session while your little one naps beside you. No crawlers for this series please, their turn will come. 


No previous experience needed. Modifications provided. Nursing friendly atmosphere. 


Yoga/Pilates Mix


Looking to add a little zen to your Pilates practice ? This class is for you. Relax, let go and enjoy soothing music as you improve your mobility, flexibility and overall strength. This session starts with relaxation and mindful breathing. A great way to lower stress and anxiety as you prepare your body for movement. Your heart rate will gradually rise as the session peaks with various Pilates exercises. Cool down with gentle yoga poses and top it off with relaxation and stillness. 

Leave feeling stronger and mentally recharged. No previous Pilates/yoga experience needed. Modification provided. 




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